La Ligne des Hirondelles (the Swallows’ Railway) – train ride

The Swallows’ Railway crosses the Jura from one side to the other, connecting Dole to Saint-Claude. A journey of over 120 km / 74.5 miles between heaven and earth, plains and mountains. 2.5 hours travelling through the Chaux forest, the famous Arbois vineyards, Le Grandvaux’s broad plateaux, the Bienne valley, and much more.

Summer 2014 programme: from 6th July to 29th August, Fridays and Sundays.
Departures from Saint-Claude for Dole (Fridays) or Arc et Senans (Sundays): return journey by train with commentaries, meal in a restaurant, visits in the destination town (Maison Pasteur and guided tour of the town in Dole or Saline royale in Arc-et-Senans) and drinks at the railway station.

Outbound journey: departure from Saint-Claude at 9.58am
Return journey: arrival in Saint-Claude at 8.40pm
Possible departure from Morez.
Prices: €56 per adult and €32 per child
Information and booking: Haut-Jura St-Claude Tourist Information Centre.