Navette La Gélinotte

From Monday to Friday during the winter school holidays*, the La Gélinotte shuttle goes from Lavans les St Claude (in front of the church) and Saint-Claude (in front of the Tourist Information Centre) to the Nordic and alpine pistes.
(* France is divided into 3 school holiday zones; Haut-Jura is part of zone A.)
Fares: €2 per ride (€4 return) – tickets for sale on the bus.
Lavans les St Claude 9h45
Saint-Claude 10h00
L'Essard 10h10
Septmoncel 10h25
La Serra 10h40
Lajoux 10h50
Les Moussières 11h10
La Pesse 11h20
La Pesse 16h30
Les Moussières 16h40
Lajoux 17h00
La Serra 17h10
Septmoncel 17h25
L'Essard 17h40
Saint-Claude 17h50
Lavans les St Claude 18h05

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